About Me

I live in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England. I'm somewhat of a computer geek, and I have a large collection of old computers, and other retro technology. I class myself as a Goth and I am into alternative style. Basically I do my own thing, and I have no time for people that feel they can (wrongly) judge me. I also feel I can relate to the Wiccan religion, and I'm also a vegetarian. I love urban exploration, and have done a few explores. I'm very much into music in a wide range of genres, and I produce my own tracks. I am learning to play the guitar, and own electrics and an acoustic. One of my other hobbies is photography, both film and digital. I make lots of use of social media and technology such as an Android smartphone, a netbook, a digital camera, free WiFi, and of course this site and my board. In the words of Nathan Barley, a "self-facilitating media node".

Paul Potter