Welcome to Yeovilnet. This is a personal site, and it basically contains what I'm interested in, and various stuff about myself and what I do. Currently, the main content consists of my urban explorations. I've kept the site clean and simple as that's what I prefer, and it adds a retro feel. Check out the messageboard, which is a very random place that seems to cover just about any subject.

I'm after photos of Yeovilnet on various devices, and in different locations for a new section. So if you manage to get Yeovilnet on a Nexus 7, up Ben Nevis, I want to see it.
Send them in via the E-mail link. All credit will be given.

Yeovilboard - The Yeovilnet messageboard

Urban Exploration

Mansfield Brewery

My first explore of Mansfield General Hospital

My second explore of Mansfield General Hospital - A week to the day after the first

Nottingham Odeon - Solo explore and sleep over

Old Mansfield A4e Offices

An article on me in the Mansfield Chad

Mansfield General Hospital

Round the back of Mansfield General Hospital

Photos of Mansfield General Hospital taken by my friend Stuart Moore

Mansfield General Hospital on Facebook

Photography & More

My photos - Just a small selection hosted on this site

My photos on Picasa

The Sucks & Rocks List

Random pics


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28 Days Later - The UK's biggest urban exploration site

Derelict Places - Loads of urban exploration

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